Strange Information About Football Match Today Live Score

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Exterior off and on size, Virat Kohli slaps it to extra covers for one. 3.5 overs 0 Run Full and shaping into the batter, Rohit Sharma drives it crisply to cover further. 4.1 overs zero Run On a length, and outside off, Virat Kohli appears to defend it but misses. 2.5 overs 1 Run Short outside off, Virat Kohli punches off the back foot through covers and will get off the mark with a single. 3.4 overs, zero Run Full, and within the channel outdoors off, Rohit Sharma will get beaten as he tried to slash it through the off aspect. 3.6 overs 0 Run Full and out of doors off, Rohit Sharma shimmies down the monitor to go down the bottom.

Four overs and 0 Run Bowls it on and off, and Rohit Sharma eases it mid-off. 3.2 overs 0 Run Again of a length outdoors off, Rohit Sharma defends this one to mid-wicket. 4. Three overs 2 Runs Keeps bowling on a size, Rohit Sharma flicks it to mid-wicket for a brace. He has sufficient width for a batter of the class of Rohit Sharma, and he does not miss out. Why would someone Cakhia6 TV check out at the top of professional success? Virat Kohli walks out to the center. 3.1 overs 1 Run Short of duration on off, Virat Kohli works this one past point for a single. Will get this one off the inside a part of the bat and cannot hit it the previous mid-on.