Mastering the iPhone 15: Essential Features for Tech Enthusiasts

Mastering the iPhone 15: Essential Features for Tech Enthusiasts

The Dynamic Island cut-out feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is not set to remain a Pro exclusive for long. Display industry analyst Ross Young suggests Apple will roll this feature out to the standard iPhone 15 models.

Leaks suggest the new iPhone 15 series will include a host of impressive features. However, you’ll need to prepare yourself for a price hike.


The camera has long been one of the most important features to set a flagship phone apart from the rest, and the iPhone 15 is expected dien thoai iphone 15 to bring some serious upgrades.

Apple’s Pro iPhones currently use a 48-megapixel sensor that can capture more light and create sharper, more detailed photos. But this year, that sensor could be making its way to vanilla iPhones as well, according to a report by ITHome.

If true, this would be the first time that standard iPhones have been equipped with a 48-megapixel camera, though they’d likely still utilize pixel binning to turn that sensor output into a more manageable 12-megapixel photo.

This year’s top model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is also rumored to include a telephoto lens capable of lossless optical zoom on an extended scale. This telephoto lens is rumored to be powered by Largan’s spherical telephoto camera module, which can provide up to 3x optical zoom without the loss of image quality that you would typically experience with digital zoom.

Photographic Styles

Apple has added a new feature to its Camera app called Photographic Styles. It essentially works like photo filters but is much more sophisticated and uses the power of Apple’s chip to selectively change things like hue, temperature, and saturation to get better photos.

Users can choose from four Photographic Style presets: Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm, or Cool. Each can be further customized by fine-tuning the tone and warmth settings to fit their preferences. Once a style is chosen, it will apply to every image snapped in the Camera app going forward.

The catch here is that a style cannot be applied to images already in the Photo Library, which can be a bummer. However, Photographic Styles is a welcome addition and should improve the quality of your photos. You can access the feature from the dropdown arrow in the Camera screen. Simply swipe and select the desired Photographic Style. This will be available on all new iPhones including the upcoming 15 Pro and the regular iPhone 15. The iPhone XS will continue to offer the same basic squared-off design that launched with the iPhone 12. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as it’s been a popular design choice for many users.

Water Resistance

In recent years, some brands are trying to market water resistance as a feature that opens up new ways of using a phone. Pictures at the beach! Fun in the pool! Scuba diving with your smartphone! Unfortunately, this is often misleading and leads to damaged phones.

To make a phone water resistant, manufacturers pack all the components tightly together and limit the number of points where water can infiltrate. They then use lots of glue to form watertight connections between the various parts. They also use different types of seals, gaskets and tapes made of silicone or adhesives.

Apple iPhones have long been rated IP68, meaning that they can withstand submersion in fresh water for up to 30 minutes without suffering any internal damage. However, you shouldn’t be using your phone in the shower and it’s best not to swim with it or take pictures underwater. Also, if the screen is cracked, water can infiltrate through the crack and damage the electronics inside.

5G mmWave

Apple’s 2022 iPhone lineup has mmWave support, but it doesn’t have the more advanced sub-6GHz 5G that cellular networks are starting to offer. This year’s iPhone 15 will be able to take advantage of the latter, and respectable analyst Ross Young tips Apple to expand its Dynamic Island feature (notches replaced by a shape-shifting sensor) to all four models in the range.

The Pro models will also get USB-C, with a rumored 40Gbps data transfer rate. This is significantly faster than the 3.2Gbps offered on the non-Pro versions. @analyst941 believes this will make it possible to connect an external 4K monitor to the iPhone 15, something that can’t be done now with the existing Lightning ports. As for the design, the basic squared-off look that rolled out with the iPhone 12 seems set to continue. That’s based on leaked dummy units, and also backed up by reports from respected analysts. All of this adds up to a likely September unveiling.